What We Can Do

Dental Services

Increasing your pet's well-being and longevity, dental hygiene is an important part of animal health. Poor dental hygiene can cause serious illness and is highly detrimental to your pet's quality of life. Our team provides a variety of dental procedures, including examinations and cleanings, that will extend and improve the life and happiness of your pet.

What Dental Services are Offered?

Examining your pet's mouth for any signs of disease or irritation, our trained professionals will design an individualized care plan for maintaining your pet's teeth and mouth. To supplement regular exams and cleanings with us, advice on home care methods will be provided. To maintain your pets comfort and minimize their stress levels, we also offer anesthetic for exams and cleanings.

Supplying a comprehensive set of dental services, expert care is tailored specifically to your goals and your pet's needs. Some of the services we offer include dental exams, dental cleanings, polishing treatments, fluoride treatments, dental x-rays, and extractions. Maintaining your pet's dental health is important to us.

Consequences of Poor Dental Care

Poor dental care can cause serious health issues for your pet. Without effective dental care, your pet may suffer from a range of issues and diseases, such as inflamed gums, broken teeth, bad breath, tooth loss, infections, and organ damage. Prolonged dental disease can also cause systemic health problems in both cats and dogs.

Periodontal disease is another issue caused by poor dental care. An infection caused by bacteria in plaque buildup, periodontal disease can lead to serious infection, pain, and tooth loss. Bacteria can also enter the bloodstream and directly damage your pet's organs, possibly complicating any other health issues your pet may have, such as diabetes.

Causing a variety of health issues and complications, dental disease is easily preventable. Our team of experts are experienced at identifying any potential dental issues. Annual cleanings and exams, regular brushing at home, and a diet made up of mostly dry food, is the most effective way to combat poor dental health. Consult with us directly for further recommendations.