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Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a broad category that describes the procedures that are used to treat a variety of diseases and disorders in pets, such as immune system disorders, hormonal diseases, and infectious diseases. Internal medicine also encompasses minimally invasive procedures of the respiratory tract, intestinal tract, nasal passages, and urogenital tract.

What Happens During an Internal Medicine Appointment?

A thorough examination of your pet is required before any type of internal treatment can be done. This examination tends to include a review of your pets pre-existing medical problems, a review of diagnostic tests, a physical exam, and a lab-work evaluation. The results of the examination can help the internist identify if all of your pet's systems are functioning properly. For some diagnostic procedures, a sedative will be required. The full examination usually takes a few hours to complete.

After receiving the results from the examination, the internist will recommend what your options are. These options may include:

  • Additional laboratory testing
  • Biopsies of organs
  • Nutrition consultations
  • Ultrasound, radiography, MRIs, CT Scans

When Should You Visit An Internist?

The following reasons should result in a visit to an internist:

  • Your pet has a complicated or uncommon disease
  • Your pet remains undiagnosed after initial testing
  • Current treatments are not helping your pet
  • Your pet needs to be constantly monitored
  • Your pet requires a procedure that is only offered by specialty hospitals