What We Can Do


The leading cause of death in cats and dogs, cancer requires expert care. Our team works to provide the best healthcare options for pets diagnosed with cancer, while maintaining convenience for pet owners and pet owner's families. Our main goal is to preserve, extend, and improve the quality of life for dogs and cats diagnosed cancer.

What is a Veterinary Oncologist?

Once a pet owner receives a cancer diagnosis for their pet, the next step is to meet with a veterinary oncologist. Experienced in cancer treatment, an oncologist will fully assess your pet's health history. They will also perform a physical examination. Various treatment plans will then be recommended. Many of these treatment plans can be performed locally with your own veterinarian or at a center that specializes in cancer treatments.

What Treatments are Offered?

Cutting-edge diagnostic procedures, including biopsies and ultrasounds, are regularly performed by our veterinarians. Location, type, and behavior of a tumor are expertly analyzed. Post-diagnosis, our specialists will describe the cancer type and offer various treatment options directly to you. Options are tailored to your pet's prognosis and lifestyle.

Numerous cancer treatments are available, including vaccines, anti-vascular drugs, surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Often responsive to chemotherapy, the approach used for dogs and cats is distinctively different from humans. Lower doses of chemotherapy are used. These doses are safer for dogs and cats, while still resulting in quick quality of life improvements.

Advances in medicine have paved the way for a variety of innovative pet-applicable cancer treatments. Allowing pets to live longer and with an excellent quality of life, our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to choose the right treatment plan for your pet. Providing a safe and secure environment, our team of experts will diagnose, treat, and prevent your pet's cancer based on both your and your pet's needs.