What We Can Do

Health And Wellness Exams

Regular health and wellness exams allows us to create a portfolio of your pet's health. An accurate and comprehensive health history for your pet helps us recommend any necessary future testing, procedures, etc. Abnormalities and concerns are easily detected when we have access to a well-documented medical history.

What a Wellness Exam Includes

Normally recommended annually, a wellness exam may be done more often, especially for elderly pets or pets with chronic health concerns. Consisting of a complete physical examination, a wellness exam also includes diagnostic tests, such as a urinalysis, stool sample analysis, and blood work. If your pet is new to our facility, you may be asked to fill out a thorough medical history of your pet.

During a health and wellness exam we will discuss your pet's daily routine. Various information is helpful when identifying health issues, such as activity level, personality, and nutrition. We will also answer any questions or concerns you may have. A physical exam will then be performed, assessing various body parts, including the head, neck, ears, mouth, and skin. Your pet's musculoskeletal system will also be evaluated, as well as their lungs and heart.

Importance of Wellness Exams

Regular meetings with your pet allows our team to become better acquainted with their personal history and health concerns. We can provide more personalized care if we have a documented health history to work from. An annual health and wellness exam also provides us with an opportunity to check vaccination records and update your pet with any necessary vaccines.

Health and wellness exams are beneficial to your pet's quality of life. Regularly bringing your companion in for an exam helps us build a medical history on your pet. It also helps us identify any potential problems with your pet's health. Regular health and wellness exams is the best way to ensure a long life for your pet.