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Spays And Neuters

A routinely performed set of procedures, our team is highly-experienced at spays and neuters. Defined as the surgical sterilization of both male and female pets, spays and neuters are among the most important procedures an owner can choose for their dog or cat. Preventing unwanted pregnancies and several health and behavioral issues, veterinarians recommend spaying or neutering a pet at six months or younger.

What are Spays and Neuters?

Some of the least invasive and easiest to perform procedures, both spaying and neutering are performed under general anesthesia. Spaying involves removing the ovaries or entire uterus of female animals. Neutering involves removal of the testes in male dogs. Medications to manage pain are expertly utilized to guarantee your pet's comfort.

Why are Spays and Neuters Beneficial?

Sterilization is beneficial for several reasons. Undesirable behavioral issues, such as urine marking, mounting, and roaming, are all minimized post-spaying and neutering. Health problems, such as life-threatening mammary tumors, hyperplasia, and prostatitis, are also prevented by sterilization. Pets are happier and healthy in the long-term post-spaying and neutering.

Increasing your pet's chance at a longer and healthier life, spaying and neutering decreases unwanted behaviors, lowers the risk for certain health problems, and curbs overpopulation of dogs and cats. Very common procedures, the occurrence of complications is low and our team is well-trained and experienced at minimizing any remaining risk. Spaying and neutering are simple and necessary procedures for every dog and cat.