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Microchips are electronic chips that are similar in size to a grain of rice and contain identification information for your pet. A microchip, when scanned, returns the information that is stored. These chips are useful for returning lost pets to their rightful owner. It is recommended that the microchip you implant meets ISO standards.

What Are ISO Standards?

ISO stands for the International Standards Organization. This organization has a set of standards that they recommend to all microchip manufacturers. ISO has also created a consistent system for identification of pets that is used worldwide. Because of this, even if a pet goes missing in a country different from the one it is registered in, the contact information of the owner will still be retrievable.

How Are Microchips Implanted?

Microchips are implanted through injection. The process is not much different from a typical injection and no surgery is needed. Specialists are not required either; a microchip can be implanted during routine visits. After being implanted, the microchip will need to be registered with the manufacturer.

What Information Is Stored In A Microchip?

Before being implanted with a microchip, your pet will be assigned an identification number. This identification number will be the only thing stored on the microchip and is used to retrieve your contact information. This information cannot be used by any service other than those that have access to the microchip registry.